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We Specialize in providing the most effective Weight Loss Plans, and the best Weight Loss supplements that are renowned for assisting with weight loss.  

Customized weight loss plans that work and gets you the results you desire and deserve.

You can contact us 24/7 with any questions, queries or concerns no matter your location in the World. 

In creating weight loss plans that really work, we start by having a free consultation with you. Before we can customize that weight loss plan to meet your desired goals, we obviously need some critical info from you. For collecting this info there is no charge. Your online Weight Loss Consultation is FREE!

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 As your weight loss journey commences and progresses, you may wish to give your body some assistance by taking a relevant herbal supplement, vitamin or substance. Total Holistic is committed to providing the best weight loss supplements and weight loss aids, to give you that added weight loss advantage.

We at Total Holistic are not about jumping on every weight loss supplement bandwagon. Our research team is committed to providing only the best. Information is constantly being updated, as researchers make new breakthroughs and discoveries.

We at Total Holistic do our part by creating herbal formulas that give you the greatest bang for your buck. You can be assured that any formula we make available to you, has proven beyond a doubt, to be effective at assisting you in your weight loss goals.

Helping persons achieve their weight loss goals has become our focus because, the majority of lifestyle diseases people across the world complain about, can be linked to obesity. However, we still carry other herbal products to treat any health or wellness issue. If in need, just drop us a line via phone or email, and we will make sure you get sorted. 

Therefore, never hesitate to contact us at telephone number: 18687924101 or email us at organicherbals@total-holistic.com to make further inquiries.